Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 16: There's A First Time For Everything

Okay, so I guess my mother doesn't love me anymore, as she didn't send me an email yesterday. Therefore, I have no where to begin this email.

To answer a question from my mother:
MCM stands for Missionary Coordination Meeting. It's where all the missionaries in a ward get together--full time as well as ward--with the ward mission leader. We give updates on our investigators and we address help needed. It's quite helpful, especially when we stay on topic.

So I'll be calling/Skyping home on Thursday at 3:15 approximately, our time in Illinois. I have no idea what time that will be in Utah so...that's your job to figure out. Also, I figured out what my Skype account log in stuff is so I can Skype home with that, but I dunno how to use I need your info to do that? Do you (someone in the family) even have an account? I guess just let me know. If you need to make one or you want me to just call, let me know. If you do want to Skype, will you email me whatever information I need in order to "call" you with Skype? Thanks. 
Oh, and here's what's gonna be happening: Hermana Israelsen and I are going to be calling/Skyping from one of our bishop's homes, and he asked us to give his information to our families. So I'll give it to you, and I guess you can coordinate with him, or something. All I know is that we're going to his home around 3:00 PM on Christmas day, and I have a Skype account and an iPad I can use. If there are other things to be figured out, I am no help.

We've also been asked to ask our families is they are receiving emails from the mission office. Are you?

I really don't have a ton to say this week. We've had some interesting experiences, that's for sure.
Thursday night we had a Christmas devotional at President's home, and we didn't get home until 11:30 PM. So that was interesting.... but the devotional was really good(: Our zone did a musical number, that was fun. And then Hna Israelsen played the piano for another so I turned the pages for her (on the iPad--isn't technology amazing?)
On Tuesday we taught this couple, Maria and Manuel. And we basically told them at the end that we wouldn't leave until Manuel said the prayer. Finally he did--for the first time in 20 years! Oh man. The Spirit was SO strong. It's experiences like that that make everything else so worth it.
We got a call yesterday during church, and then the message that followed, from a person who identified herself, and knew our names, and we could not remember who she was. But it was obvious she knew us....anyway, so we set up a lesson with her for Sunday evening, and we found a member. When we got there, and met her again, we still couldn't remember. Eventually it dawned on me during the lesson: Walmart. We had met her on P day at Walmart and, I'll be honest, I had written her off. But, she called us and wanted us to come over! It was so cool. And since she's English speaking we're gonna have to give her to the sisters, but that's okay. They've been looking for new investigators for a while; plus, they'll be a good match for her. So that was a random fun experience.
We taught one of our less actives in a laundromat on Saturday. 
With this He is the Gift initiative, we have a TON of pass along cards. And the goal is to get them all out before Christmas. So in an attempt to get closer to that, we stood outside a couple of tiendas and handed them out. It was so fun. I mean, I thought my toes were gonna freeze solid, but we met so many people. One guy wanted to know our first names (I've made a pact with myself never to tell someone my first name...just no. Not as a missionary.) One quizzed us on our knowledge of Bible verses: he picked Juan 3:16, which, ironically, was on the card we gave him--just so you know, I can't quote Juan 3:16 in Spanish...Dairy Queen does in English though (check out the photo). There was this couple who are actually some current investigators of ours, and a potential. And then we also saw a couple of our members. My brain had gotten foggy or something at one point and instead of "feliz navidad" I said "feliz cumpleanos". Oh man. I dunno what happened, but we were cracking up. The natives I said it to probably thought we were nuts. But it was soo funny... We also had two different people offer us hand warmers (one of them was even English speaking!) so that was really nice. Hopefully at least one of those people leads somewhere for missionaries. If not, at least half of them took a moment or two to really look at the card. So it was good.

I'm sure more happened, but I can't recall. So I guess you'll hear more from me in a few days.

Love you all!
--Hermana DeBuck


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