Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 21: "Everyone Looks so Normal, Living Such Normal Lives." "Well, We're Living in NORMAL."

 5 Questions:
1) What are some details about your new companion?  You gave us a name, but nary another clue.
2) Did the post card make it to you?
3) What size do you want me to order your boots?  I like two styles, they both come in black too. : A) Kamik Women's Baltimore Boot
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4)  Did the whitening recipe make it through to you?  I hope that was the one you wanted.  There are so many.
5)  Can you wear polka dot tights? I picked up some cute ones (black with white and grey spots) at Target and apparently I bought the wrong size. I didn't have my glasses on at the store. I got them to go with my gray "sister missionary" skirt.  I'll send them if you can use them.
1. Okay, so Hermana Grant is from British Colombia, a town called Kamloops. She's 21 (I think). She's a mixture between a llama and a raptor. We like the same foods (we made chili mac n cheese w/hot dogs and it was scrumptious). She's decided to say, when asked about experience with Spanish before the mission, that she took a couple episodes of Dora the Explorer. She knew French before the mish but can't remember much now (since it's so close to Spanish) except the word for trash.
2. No.....Nevermind, just got it today. Thanks.
3. I wear a 7.5 usually, but I'm thinking it might be better to get a size 8 so I can wear more than one pair of socks....maybe. I'm not sure. 7.5 should be good. I don't even like socks. And regarding style, I'm not sure. That first pair looks more hard-core which would be great, but I think the tall ones would be good because the snow kind of really piles up here...but I don't want them to leak or I dunno. And I vote black, over brown.
4. Yes. Thank you!
5. I believe so...I'm definitely not opposed. Also, if you're going to send a package, do you think you could make a copy of that CD by the Nashville Tribute Band, it's a grey case, I can't recall exactly what the title is. Also, did you ever find that The Lamb of God CD? Just curious. No worries if not. If you've got questions, I bet Hermana Israelsen could tell you more. haha

(So I'm typing at the moment while at GreatClips b/c Hermana Grant is getting her hair cut; one of the hairdressers has a tattoo of the dark mark....probably shouldn't compliment people's tattoos, especially as a missionary.....haha. Thought you might appreciate that.)

Also, in RS yesterday, they talked about how saying family prayer in the morning is like equipping their kids with armor before heading out into the world. The teacher said she likes to think of it like she's giving them the invisibility cloak. (: haha. Then I took it one step further: in the tale of the three brothers, the one with the cloak, at the end, he "greets death like an old friend". So as we say family prayers every day, at the end of our lives, we will be able to greet Heavenly Father like an old friend. (: Love fun parallels.

Here's another one: in the testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith, in the front of the Book of Mormon, page x, second full paragraph, he says near the end, "...I must have no other object in view in getting the plates but to glorify God...otherwise I could not get them." Well, what does that sound like to you? Uh, yeah, Mirror of Erised and the Philosopher's Stone of course.

We ate dinner at the Babbitt family's home yesterday. They have two dogs, and I think one is a Shi Tzu. His name is Bandit. And he looks just like an Ewok from Star Wars! It was fantastic.... Love it.
Alright. Well, let's just say this week has been rough for me. Luckily I've got a father who is either a mind reader, across however-many-miles or is in tune with the Spirit. Got a nice scriptural slap upside the head today. Plus, I've been doing some serious sincere prayer. I decided to get into the habit of praying (out loud) while my companion is in the shower. It's seriously a miracle worker habit. I've come to realize, also thank to zone conference, that I am (lamentably) missionary A. And I need (and want) to be missionary B. So I've made a short list (long mental list) of what I need to do in order to get to that point. And I'm beginning with my prayers. That's like square one anyway, right? So yeah. That's happening.

I also decided that I need to be better with my scriptures; I've decided to work more on memorizing scriptures. I wouldn't say it's to help me focus from distracting worldly things to missionary-minded things, but it is to help me feel closer to the Spirit. And I'm beginning with my favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon: 2 Nephi 4. And I'm going to do it in Spanish. So far, I've got verse 28 and almost 29 done (I'm beginning with verses 28-35 for now...) After I think I'm going to memorize My Commission, and then hopefully the Living Christ. I'm excited for the challenge; I feel like this is something that's going to help my mental and emotional health more than anything else--except maybe praying.
Mary Hilding met with Bishop Eames yesterday; sounds like he's never dealt with this situation before, so he's not sure what will happen. He's going to write a letter to the First Presidency and I guess we'll go from there. I just hope everything works out well. Mary just seems to have such a sincere desire to come back to the fold of God. And I want to do everything I can to help her. We met with her yesterday and she brought up a concern she has with Joseph Smith translating the Book of Mormon from gold plates. I'm not sure if her concern comes from the fact that they were written on gold plates or that Joseph was uneducated so how could he translate anything...I dunno. But she was willing to keep reading and praying and coming to church. I think she'll figure it out, and that she won't allow her baptism to happen while she still has questions and concerns like that.
Angelina came to church again yesterday, and she brought Jimmy this time! We were so thrilled. I can't remember how much I've told you about him, but he was a referral from Angelina (because he's old and she thinks he needs help) and when we first met him he was almost contentious. And now he's reading the Book of Mormon (the chapter headings for now) and coming to church. And every time we have a lesson with him, he has oodles of questions. But they're such good questions! We're going to get him a Bible in English because he wanted a copy of the Chronology and I think the Harmony of the Gospels; for now we gave him a printed copy from I'm so excited for him. And Angelina is still doing well. Unfortunately she hadn't read between our previous visit and Saturday, so she's not progressing in that sense. But she still loves coming to church and the members are so good at fellowshipping her--even though she goes to a ward in which she doesn't live. It's awesome. The RS invited her to an activity on valentine's day and she said she'll come. So that's great. I think it would be perfect if she were baptized on 14 Feb because she's so loving, but she seems set on waiting until her daughters can be baptized the same day. I just wish she would see that it's more important for her to set the example. But that's probably just me being selfish because I want to see her be baptized before I leave. Ah well. It'll happen eventually.
Unfortunately, as far as investigators go, that's about it. This week has felt so unproductive. I'm not sure I really like having a car all the time, because now we don't really have any walking time, or time on the bus. I shouldn't complain, because it is such a blessing and I really am grateful, but there are pros and cons to both.
Also, we've been trying to figure out how to work with our wards better. We found out there was some drama in the Bloomington First ward about a year ago, about the meal calendar. So Bishop G has been reluctant to put us (the hermanas) on the calendar because in the past they've just done their own thing and he doesn't feel like he has any stewardship over them. (That's my understanding anyway.) And I see where he's coming from, and I don't want to step on his keys, but I would like to get to know the members. And the best way to do that is to be in their homes. So instead we'll just go visit them on our own time. Brother A (our ward mission leader) did say that Bishop told him he would like us to visit every sister in the ward every month. I'm not sure if we can do that (since we have three wards) but I think we should at least give it a shot. We kind of need to buy some love with him--earn his trust I mean. So we'll see what happens there.
Zone conference was inspired. It was just amazing. I can't even explain it. The assistants' presentation was seriously divine intervention for me. It was like Heavenly Father was giving me a pep talk. Loved it. And of course, there were some laughs which is always nice. I wish everyone could listen to our zone conferences. They're spectacular.
On Saturday, we were talking to a less active to try to get him to church and in the middle of his sentence, he stops and looks at me, then says "you have great eyes!" Uh...........SO AWKWARD. Please, just, no. So that was awkward.
Did I tell you Hermana Grant electrocuted herself the other day? yeah, that was a little funny...

I wish I could remember more fun/good things from this week, but that's about it.
OH! Okay, so President gave us a new marking challenge at zone conference last week. Y'all ready for this? (I'll explain more after this for all of you who haven't served under the blessed direction of President Fenn.)
Red: grace, mercy, love of God, His love for us
Yellow: the pattern of revelation (scripture study, prayer, receiving revelation)
Blue: what the Book of Mormon says about the Book of Mormon, the Restoration, and Joseph Smith
Hermana Israelsen: the deadline he gave us was April 6. Think you can make that? (:
Rest of my family: President Fenn is a genius, and has given his missionaries various Book of Mormon marking challenges to do. The first one (which I received 14 October 2014 was R: the Atonement, Y: the Doctrine of Christ, B: Missionary Work; it was supposed to be completed before the Christmas devotional--that didn't happen, nor has it happened yet....but it will.) There's a second one as well, and then this third one we received last week. On 6 April we'll have a mission-wide conference (the date is significant; brownie points to anyone who knows why) and we'll talk about what we've learned from this round of marking. I'm so excited. So, I want to invite all of my family members--Mom, you'll probably be the only one to do this in our immediate family.....ah well--to obtain a new copy of the Book of Mormon (just one of the ones that the missionaries give out) and to mark it as you read it, according to the newest challenge I've just described. Now, I don't expect anyone to complete it before 6 April, but if you'd like to, feel free. At least before the end of the year. Okay? Will all of you reading this commit to doing that? I'll follow up periodically with you all. That's a promise. Sweet. I look forward to hearing your insights.

To begin, here's something I've liked so far:
In Nephi's vision, the reason he has it is this, as he says: "...after I had desired to know the things that my father had seen, and believing that the Lord was able to make them known unto me, as I sat pondering in mine heart I was caught away in the Spirit of the Lord."
So the first aspects of receiving revelation, as Nephi did, are these: desire, belief (faith), and pondering. Then, in the succeeding chapters, every time Nephi says "I beheld" or "I saw", I marked that.

Another thing I've learned from Nephi's vision is that revelation comes after EXACT obedience. I marked every time "the angel said Look! and I looked" because every time, Nephi receives revelation. It just goes to show how important our own obedience is. If we want to receive revelation, first we must desire, believe, and ponder, and then we must be obedient to the revelation we do receive if we want to receive more. Mm. I love the Book of Mormon.
Well, that's about it for me this week. I love you all. I am so grateful for all of the support and the prayers. Thank you also for your testimonies. I am so blessed to have family and friends that "know in whom [they] have trusted".
Con Todo Mi Amor, Hermana DeBuck
Photos: Hermana Grant has a fetish with graveyards, and we live right by one (and a corn field) so we went. Here's a picture.
Our "new" apartment. I can't decide if it still smells like Elders or not....we're probably just used to it now.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 20: BONUS

In a note just to her mom, Sister DeBuck asked if her brother, Cameron, ever checked his email.  She had sent him messages there but hadn't heard from him.  After passing on the message to her brother this evening, he forwarded the email trail....He hasn't watched the Frozen movie from start to finish yet (He explained that he's a boy, so he didn't HAVE to watch it) and thought the "Elsa" in the subject line was a Spanish word he couldn't remember.

Anyone else get a kick out of the Disney-flavored sibling humor?!?

From:"Jill DeBuck" <>
Date:Mon, Jan 19, 2015 at 12:18 PM
Subject:Re: Elsa?
We used to be best buddies.

On Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 4:54 PM, Jill DeBuck <> wrote:
It's like you've gone awaaaaaaaaaay!

> On Dec 8, 2014, at 3:49 PM, Jill DeBuck <> wrote:
> Come out the door.
>> On Dec 1, 2014, at 4:35 PM, Jill DeBuck <> wrote:
>> I never see you anymore.
>>> On Nov 24, 2014, at 5:42 PM, Jill DeBuck <> wrote:
>>> Come on, let's go and play.
>>>> On Nov 10, 2014, at 1:20 PM, Jill DeBuck <> wrote:
>>>> Do you wanna build a snowman?

Week 20: Swallowing Our Pride & Asking

5 Questions:
1) How is your skin holding up in the weather?  Lots of breakouts?  Super dry?  Do you need anything either way--acne stuff or moisturizer?    Mine's been bad here, so I wondered about you.
2) What is the decision on winter boots?  Any preferences where you'd like me to get them?
3) Do you know where to find Borax?  Look in the laundry aisle at the grocery store/WalMart. If you can't find it, I'll send you some. (She'd asked for a super whitening solution--something she pinned on Pinterest pre-mission)
4) Do you ever hear from Super Kate?  She's been on my mind lately, and I don't know why.  I do hope she is well and happy and progressing in school, even while you're away.
5) Do you check your mailbox regularly at the apartment?  I have a postcard I was sending you there,so you'll get mail at your place.

1. My hands are pretty chapped, which is rough because I detest having lotion on my fingers....but it's either chapped skin or slimy fingers. Which is the lesser of the two evils? I don't know.
Acne wise it's about the same....I dunno. I don't really pay that much attention because I look in the mirror about twice a day for about 30 seconds collectively. There's not a whole lot to be done during the day, obviously. haha so I'm doing fine. Thanks though.

2. Well, originally I thought, "Oh we've got a car all the time so I'll be okay w/o real boots." But then I realized that I'm pretty sure I'll be transferred next transfer. And who knows what the car situation will be wherever I go some boots would be great. And I have absolutely no idea where you could find good winter boots. I wish I could give you more specifics but I'm not even sure how to put "what I don't like" into words....but I think it'll be more important to stay dry and warm than to look particularly fashionable. haha so, use your best judgment I guess.

3. Uh...I'll find it. I was actually thinking of the recipe for a mixture of some kind that you just put on the white article and then scrub...I would rather not use the washing machine because it costs $1.25 per load (in this new apartment we don't have our own washer...) I believe I wrote the recipe down and it was on a blue sticky note in my room by the windowsill or it's written in the back of that book I got about surviving w/o mom or something....I can't remember exactly what it's called. If you can't find the recipe thing, no worries. Just thought I'd ask.

4. Yeah she emails me about every week. I think she's doing alright...possibly going crazy from school and canoe and life, but I think she's doing well, all things considered.

5. the other apartment we did. At this one, we forget a lot because the mail box is in the complete opposite direction of anything else, so we just don't think about it.
Wow. I'm sorry but I am so unmotivated to write this week.
Here's a bulleted list I guess:

- Brother Albrechtsen gave me a blessing this week; I just had a cold (still do) but I just felt like it was impeding me mentally and I couldn't take it anymore. [I told him my middle name, and after the blessing a bit he said I should marry Elder Peery...very funny]

- Hermana Grant got an ear infection/has a hole in her ear drum so we ended up at PromptCare yesterday and we ended up seeing Dr. Csah/Brother Cash so that was kind of nice. She also got a blessing from Brother A.

- Basically, the elders are always at the we've gotten good at finding McDonalds and the two libraries in town so that we can use the WiFi. We also use Brother Ames' (when we're at his home for MCM) and the other Albrechtsen family's--we actually finished up our weekly planning at their home b/c the elders were once again at the church. haha we're so needy...

- We had this crazy lesson Saturday night: three Hispanics that spoke minimal English, a Vietnamese guy and an American guy who speak minimal Spanish. Oh man. It was complete and utter chaos. more than other lessons. Why, you may ask? Well: our progressing investigator, Angelina, is an angel and also wants to share the Gospel with everyone. Which is great. however, her two Latina friends were over already when we stopped by; the one believes in some kind of all-powerful entity and her ancestors (I'm not exactly sure how that works) and then the other lady basically believes she has the priesthood (she didn't really understand the priesthood at all...) and that she has healed a woman who as practically dead and that she's seen Christ. And then the Vietnamese guy is Buddhist and neither of us have taught someone with a non-Christian background. And the American guy is pretty super Roman Catholic but very willing to listen and has a lot of great questions. So, basically: chaos, I tell you. We've decided we really just need to teach people one on one, because this translating business is way too difficult for them to understand.....I would try to sum up that lesson but i can't. let's just say it ended with the two Latina ladies both asking for copies of the Book of Mormon (the one asked for one in English for her husband because she's already got a Spanish one from a really good friend in Texas who is Mormon.) and the other lady...I hope she doesn't desecrate it or something.
- We have dinner appointments every day this week. Wow. The members here are so good to us... (: love them.
- We inherited a giant winter coat. So we both got in it. (:

- We love fast food. it's bad.....

And then this week:
- Zone conference on Wednesday. Woohoo!
- Our dinner appt for tonight told us they invited a non member friend (and they told her that we'll be there so she won't be surprised). Member missionary work!
- One of our investigators, Jorge, has roommates that don't really like us being there so we had to find an alternate meeting place; luckily there's a super solid couple that lives nearby (just had an adorable baby) and we've been having lessons at their home. Brother Guyer and Jorge hit it off super well. Mm, love it when that happens. THAT is an Amulek.
- There are probably other good things but I can't think right now...
So yeah. That's gonna be it for this week. I hope everyone is doing well and looking for opportunities to share the Gospel. Because it's your duty as members of Christ's church. (I am definitely not trying to guilt trip anyone...haha) 
Love you all!
-Todo Mi Amor,
Hermana DeBuck

Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 19: The Best Thing About Not Being Transferred=Not Packing #everyonetellsme

5 Questions:
1) Who is you new companion?  Where is she from?  How are you two getting along?
2) How is the new apartment?  Was it the elders' before?  Was it really clean enough for girls to live in?
3) Do you have a new direct address (for me and Gma Cheryl)?
4) Do you still have all the same investigators?  More investigators (now that the other sisters are gone)?
5) (Apparently, I forgot to add a 5th question....)
Familia y Amigos,

1. My new companion is Hermana Grant. She's from British Colombia. We get along fanstasmically, to take a word from her vocabulary.
2. The new apartment: smells like elders. (Yes, it was the elders' before.) But it was actually pretty clean when we got here, however we moved furniture around so it makes more sense and vacuumed some places that looked like they hadn't been vacuumed since elders moved in to this apartment. So the up side is that we're about a three minute drive from the church (as opposed to 15 minutes) but the down side is that we have one bathroom and we have to pay for our laundry now. But it's all good. It's been kinda funny because Hermana Grant will ask what we usually do for something, and I have no answer because I've been in this apartment as long as she has. But it's good.
3. Yes, new address is 1616 Bryan St Apartment A Normal IL. I'm not sure where the commas go in that address.
4. We still have the same investigators, yes. All the sisters' investigators just went to the elders who took their spot. The zone leaders adopted all of the Normal south elders' investigators because that's the area that was pulled out.
5. There was no question after the number five, so I have no answer.

Alright. I really don't want to type today. Sorry. But this will probably be a less than satisfactory email for you, momma.

We had three days when we weren't allowed to tract or do first contact, so that was a little rough. But it worked out alright I guess. Unfortunately we were unable to meet with Julia this week (gah!) nor with Kehila & Carlos. 
Saturday was awesome though because we had six appointments, and only one fell through--then we taught a lady on her doorstep during that appointment time--so we had six lessons in one day. Three were technically member present lessons, but one was with a man who says he was baptized in Texas (so it counts as a recent convert/less active lesson). But yeah. Saturday was awesome.
We taught Jorge in a members' home, the Guyer family's, and it was amazing. Brother Guyer and Jorge just hit it off and had a good time--and we set up a time this week to do that again. Members really are so critical for the work of salvation. In one of the wards yesterday, one of the high councilmen spoke and he said this: "We cannot delegate to full-time missionaries our responsibility [as members] to share the Gospel." So there you have it. He also talked about how in Handbook 2, section 5 includes missionary work, temple work, and family history work. That section is entitled "The Work of Salvation." And I believe we need to be involved in every aspect of that work. Yes, it's hard to put yourself out there, on the chance of personal rejection, and share the Gospel, but it's your duty as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ. So get your rear in gear and get going! haha

Angelina came to church again yesterday. She is seriously an angel, no joke. We also had a lesson with her and Jimmy on Saturday night about the Gospel of Jesus Christ--basically we had two lessons. I taught Jimmy in English while Hna Grant taught Angelina in Spanish. It's seriously like the weirdest situation of all time. But it was good. Jimmy told us that those six steps of repentance it talks about in the pamphlet are almost exactly the same as six of the twelve steps for alcoholics anonymous. So that's cool. We'll be visiting them again tonight, with Angelina's two daughters. 

I'm already learning so much from Hermana Grant. I love how straight forward she is; for example, she'll ask people, "Are you planning on being baptized in the Church?" And you can actually learn a lot from how they respond. So it's great because we are sent out to teach the elect, and we don't want to waste our time, not the time of the Lord. So if they say no, straight up, well: dropped. haha I mean, of course we consider each person before dropping them, but if they're not ready right now, they're not ready. And that's that sometimes.

I honestly just can't get over how amazing the wards are here. We were able to sit in on Bloomington 2nd's ward council yesterday; Bishop Eames is awesome! Man. I can't even describe it to you, but the wards in Bloomington-Normal are just fantastic. I'm so excited to work with our new ward mission leader in Bloomington 1st; and then Brother and Sister Rodas were just called as ward missionaries in B2, but they're going to work with us across the ward boundaries; and Normal is way better than normal--they're extraordinary. I just love it here.

I'm already beginning to resign myself to the fact that this is probably my last six weeks here though. Hermana Grant only has two transfers left (including this one we just started) so it's almost a for sure thing that I'll get taken out next week. I'm gonna be real sad to go, so I better give it my all these last few weeks--already down to five! Santa vaca...

Something funny from this week: we were talking about what hell actually is--spirit prison the spirit world or the telestial kingdom or outer darkness or what--and regarding outer darkness, Hermana Grant says: "I think that's the helliest of hells."

Well, that's about all I can think of...Sorry.

Love you all. Keep sharing the Gospel--directly AND indirectly. I know you will be blessed as you make it a priority to share this wonderful gift you've been given.

Con Todo Mi Amor,
Hermana DeBuck

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Week 18: I'm Killing My Trainer

5 Questions:
1) How will transfer day work this week for you?  Do you have to meet at the mission home to get your new companion?  Do they put you with the English sisters until your new comp arrives?  Just curious how that works.
2) Do you ever get (her cousins) Taylor's or Garett's letter?  Do you want them? Do you have time to read them?
3) Would you like to have me forward (her friends on missions) Marina's or Maddie's letters too? 
4) Will you get transferred to a new area?  Or just get a new companion in the area you are in already?  Do you even know already?
5) Are you frozen yet?  From the weather maps, it looks COLD there finally.

1. I'm glad you asked: transfers are gonna be cray-cray. This transfer, I am the only sister in our district staying here (the Bloomington 2nd sisters are being pulled out and elders are being put in) so this is what will happen: Sister Oliphant and Hermana Israelsen have to be in Naperville by 8 am Tuesday morning, so they have to leave by 6 am. Sister Allen and I will be companions until the transfer van comes through to pick her up and then I'll be with Sister Teerlink until the transfer van comes back through with my new    companion, Hermana Grant--who incidentally trained my CCM companion, Hermana Capps. Normally, we would get our new companions at the stake center in Naperville, but it's different out in the Peoria zones because we're so far away. But I'm excited: we get to be a zebra for a day (one Hermana one Sister) so that'll be fun.
2. I get Taylor's letters occasionally, I may have gotten Garett's once; if I had time I would love them, but I don't have time to read anything really.
3. No. Sorry. I wish, but I don't have time.
4. I'm staying here in Bloomington-Normal, and will get a new companion, as I have already stated above. We get transfer calls Saturday night before transfers, so that's when we found out. (Also found out: we're gonna have the car all to ourselves--as well as some other information that I will reveal in a few lines...)

5. I'm not   frozen, but certainly cold. But I manage. This puffy coat is one of the greatest things of all time--no joke.

So here's what's happening: Because there will be elders in Bloomington 2nd, we're switching apartments. So all four of us sisters are packing today, as well as deep cleaning the apartments. Which means that this will be a very short letter. (sorry)

I just thought I'd share something funny and a highlight from the week, so that it's not such a pathetic email...

On Saturday, we were talking to one of the elders' investigators, and he asked us if we were into organic foods and eating healthy. I said, "No I eat what I want." His response: "Yes, it shows."
I don't think he realized it, but yes, he basically called me fat.
However, I am under no illusion as to my weight and      I do believe that I am perfectly fine and I can eat what I want. So no worries there. But it was so funny.
Talking about it later, I found out that Hermana Israelsen hadn't heard him say that, so when I told her, we were laughing so hard. Oh man. Good times.

Here's something I was learning this morning during personal study:
I was reading Alma 17, about Ammon and king Lamoni, and I was writing in things we ought to do as missionaries (because of the marking challenge I'm working on) 
1st, in verse 23: the first thing you    ought to do is show your desire to be where you're at.
2nd, in verse 25: don't flirt with the people! You're there to be a missionary, not to find aa spouse.
3rd, in verses 29-31: stay cool under pressure, and look for natural opportunities to share the Gospel. (Of course, you should still share the Gospel at all times, but there will be natural opportunities; so use them!)
4th, in verse 33: first worry about the defensive, THEN the offensive
5th, in verse 36: in order to use "might power" you must have practiced first; that includes study in the morning as well as doing practices with your companion. 
6th, in verse 37: be smart, and use strategy. In other words, don't be dumb.
I'm sure there's even more to be learned, but that was what I was thinking this morning.

Faith-building experience from this week:
We were walking up the street back to the car from an appointment, and Hermana Israelsen was on the phone, talking to one of our investigators. There was a Hispanic man working on his car and I thought, "we need to talk to him." But the problem is, Hermana Israelsen is the one who is good at contacting. But she was on the phone and I knew we needed to talk to him. So I whipped out a pass along card and started talking to him about the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ. He then referred us to his wife inside (because he had to go to work soon and needed to finish fixing the car) so we talked to the wife. And they said we could come back sometime to share more.

So, even though it was scary, I did it. And it is all due to the fact that I trust in my Savior and the enabling power of His Atonement. And now that I've done it once, it's not so hard to do it again. I know that as we put ourselves out there, even just a little bit, the Lord will bless us with the opportunities to share the Gospel that we want and need. I invite you all reading this to   watch for the opportunities that come to bear firm and faithful testimony of what you believe in, in whatever manner the opportunities come. And when they do come, kneel and pray to your Father in Heaven, and give thanks for being able to be an instrument in His hands.
*See quotes at the end of chapter one in PMG (Preach My Gospel)

Todo Mi Amor,
Tu Hija y Amiga,
Hermana DeBuck

Mama, when you get a second, will you send me the "recipe" (via email) for that magical whitening solution? I wrote it down somewhere, but I think I left it at home...
Thanks. Love you(: