Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 32: Hermano: Ponga Su Falda

5 Questions:
1) How close were you tot he tornadoes last week?  Will you have the chance to do some service in the area because of them?
2) Do you have a snail mail address for me and Grandma Cheryl at your new place?  Please share it....Gma asked last weekend.
3) Do you have new investigators in the Spanish Branch?  Have you been there long enough now to meet and teach them?
4) Can you share any more details about your new compañera?  What HS did she attend?  What are her schooling plans?
5) Any chance you have a snail mail address for the A-family I might get from you?

1. Here in Bloomingdale we didn't get hit by the actual tornado, however we had some pretty spectacular lightning storms. Oh man. Funny Thursday night is car exchange (the other Hnas have the car the first half of the week and we get it from them Thursday night) so they had to come pick us up where we were at on bikes. We got out of an appointment right at 8, walk outside and it's dark; we look at the sky: it was like a fireworks show there was so much lightning. I'm
not exaggerating, I promise. I'm terrible at judging distance so I'm not sure how far it was but it was amazing to watch. The downside is that there's this rule for missionaries that if you see lightning you
have to stay inside for the next half hour to make sure there's no  more lightning. Here's the problem: we were in a residential area, waiting for the other hermanas to pick us up. (Also, we hadn't eaten
dinner; that's important to know.) So we had two options: stay right  where we're at or try to find somewhere inside to be. Obviously we chose option number two. But because we were on bikes, we had to bike to somewhere we could be inside. And the ONLY place we could go to was a taqueria, about three or four blocks away maybe--in the direction of the lightning storm. haha. So maybe we biked into a lightning storm on the night of a tornado. No big deal. But, since I'm emailing you
today, obviously nothing happened. We got whipped around by the wind a bit--skirt + bike + storms winds = I-just-don't-care-anymore.  We were kind of freaking out, I admit that, but we made it to the taqueria safe and sound. They had $1 tacos! Oh man, and they were divine, I tell you. Best night ever. (:  So, in answer to your question, we were sort of close I guess, but only to the effects of the tornado, not the actual tornado itself. We did hear from a member that Rockford (Hna Hunsaker's last area) and Peoria (my last area) got hit. we know why elders got put in! (: haha just kidding. I still haven't heard a confirmation that somewhere by Peoria got hit, so could someone please look into that and tell me? I just really want to know. And we're not allowed to email elders so I can't find out info from anyone in the mission.... However Rockford definitely got hit (some of the outlying suburbs or whatever) and we know some of the missionaries there. Hopefully we find out something today but who knows. Communication as a missionary is a bit rough... And no, we won't get to do service regarding the tornado because it's out of our area. I so wish we could though....
P.S. Hermana Capps is in Sycamore/Dekalb so she's by the tornado. Sounds like they get to help with the relief effort so that's awesome! Oh, and they're safe. That's good too.
 2. Yes. It's 900 N Rohlwing Rd #228 Addison IL 60101
Speaking of, I got a package from Aunt Melanie and family. Thanks!  That scripture chase was super cute. haha

3. We've gotten a couple new investigators since I've been here but they didn't answer for their return appointment so....who knows what'll happen with them. As far as teaching investigators in general,
yeah we've done some teaching. haha we have two investigators who will be getting married on April 25 and then baptized the next day (hopefully; we're still not sure if that's gonna fly--waiting a week
to receive the Holy Ghost...) and then we're working with some other families as well. It is somewhat extremely frustrating in this area because no one wants to get married! We have two investigators who REALLY want to be baptized but their "husbands" won't actually marry them. Goodness. I mean, I understand the actual marriage certificate thing is like $70 or something but I would gladly pay for that if you would just get married! Man.... Sometimes, I have moments where I realize how blessed I am to grow up in the Gospel, and to have parents who are married--legally as well as in the temple. 
4. Okay, other details....she is from Orem but went to Provo HS. She was an athletic trainer (?) and is certified to be a first-responder so that's cool. She said she did a lot of things with athletes at the
high school; she said she knows Bryce and Garett. Her cousins live in Pleasant Grove (Nicki Anderson is Cameron's age. I don't know how to spell her name....but do you know her Cameron? Sounds like Hna Hunsaker's cousin knows of Cameron, and knows people who know him.)  She played rugby in college and has done basically every other sport you can think of--except water polo. She's a ginger. We have fun together and she thinks it's funny that I think I'm funny.
 5. Yes of course! It's 735 Hale St Normal, IL 61761
I don't even know what else to write....
Well, this week I have developed a new-found/re-found love of the Doctrine and Covenants. Man, it is so good. I started reading it in Spanish (I think one of my pet peeves is unmarked scriptures so it's been killing me) and it is just so amazing. I feel like I personally tend to forget about D&C (Sorry Hna Grant...hehe) and the Pearl of Great Price but they're spectacular! I recently finished reading Moises and Abraham and they are just chock-full of doctrine. So fantastic. You all should go read the Pearl of Great Price.
Speaking of scripture reading, how's the Book of Mormon challenge going? Is anyone even reading it? Because I finished on time so....I win. (: haha I ended up having to read about 15 pages each day for 4 days, but it was definitely worth it. Goodness me, the Book of Mormon is just so delicious to one's soul.
I guess I can explain this week's title:
Basically, a Spanish branch is unlike anything you could possibly experience in the English program. Particularly MCM. Anyway, so we were talking about possible hermanas that could come out with us and the branch mission leader, Hermano Avila, and the 1st/2nd counselor in the branch presidency, Hermano Flores, were sitting and thinking about it. Then Hermano Flores goes, totally chill, "Hermano, ponga su falda." haha oh man. And what made it even better was that only Hna Hunsaker and I actually heard him say it so we were DYING of laughter and the other missionaries were all like, "wait, what?" hahaha oh man. Too funny.... (For all you gringos, "ponga su falda" means "put your skirt on")
Oh, another funny thing about the area: there are SO MANY geese. Canadian geese too. It's kind of insane. You can basically always hear them. It's crazy. And the other day, one actually hissed at us. HISSED, I tell you. Goodness. It's not like you own the grass.....besides we were walking on the sidewalk! haha anyway. So that was weird.
We saw a crane this week too. We were riding past a little pond thing and there was this random crane at the edge. That was cool. haha
The other hermanas had a baptism this week. His name is Margarito and he is literally the cutest viejito of all time. Man. They found him while riding bikes too; they both felt the prompting to stop and talk to him and he was GOLDEN. He's only been meeting with them for about a month. And, get this: there was some miscommunication about conference (his phone volume had gotten turned off somehow) and he wasn't able to watch conference. The hermanas were worried because they hadn't heard from him so they went by on Monday night and he opened the door with eyes red/puffy from crying--because he'd missed hearing the prophet speak! I mean, how much cuter can you get? (You can't actually.)
Oh, speaking of viejitos, this week we met Israel. A tiny short Latino viejito (little old man). We were walking by his garage and they were BBQing and we didn't say anything--I knew we should've--and he said "buenos dias" o algo to us. So we stopped and gave him a card. Turns out he has been looking for something more than what he has, regarding religion and God. So we invited him to come to church and he said he would. Then, a little bit later, after our cita, we walked back and he was still outside so we talked to him again and again encouraged him to come. He said he would. Then, Saturday we were in the area again and talked to him again. He told us he wasn't so sure about coming because he wouldn't know anyone. We reassured him that we'd be there and that plenty of people would say hi and help him out. He said he'd come. Sunday: he didn't show. So, we were in the area Sunday and felt like we should go back. Come to find out, he'd fallen and torn his meniscus (or something like that) and has to go to the doctor Tuesday. man. Satan! He's the worst, that guy. He told us he wasn't sure if he could come this Sunday either because he'll have crutches and will need a ride. We told him don't even worry about it! So many members would be willing to give him a we set up an appt to come back and check on him (and teach him). Man. So excited. At first I was getting weird vibes from him but now they're all good. He's amazing and I'm so excited to teach him Friday.
Anyway, I think that's actually it now.
I love sharing the Gospel. It's so true for each and everyone of us. Go read the Priesthood session talks. They're amazing.

Love, Hermana DeBuck

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