Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 40: If I Were More Enlightened, I'd Glow!

5 Questions:
1) Any word yet on the field trip potential to Carthage the end of the month?  I wrote to Sister Brytni Butler and told her to watch for you in case you got to go there.
2) Do you need us to put more money in your UCCU account for you?  Looks like you've had several overdrafts to cover your expenses this past month.  I did put $50 in last week, but maybe I need to do that regularly for you?
3) Did I tell you Brittany Wolferts got married two weeks ago?  I'll try to attach Wen-Di Adair's photos I saw were shared on Facebook for you.
4) Has it turned summer there yet?  Man it got hot this week!  But then we also got heavy downpours mixed in.  Like Spring wasn't ready to let go completely yet.
5) Any other advice you can give me to help Cameron mentally and spiritually prepare for a mission?

1. Nope, not yet.

2. Well I don't really need more money....I should just stop spending money is the thing. Except we just found this little mall that's basically like mini Mexico. But how about this: will you tell me what my account balances are for all the accounts I have? Because I don't want to be a financial burden for you, family. Because you're already paying every month. So will you tell me what my balances are for all the accounts and then next week I may ask you to put some of my savings in checking. We'll see.

3. When I first saw the pictures, I couldn't figure out who they were of....Brittney is lovely! I mean,  she's always been lovely but in the pictures she seriously looks like a model. Wow. And she looks so
happy. Man that's so great. (:

4. Yes, I think. The weather here is even more bipolar than Utah and so it'll be maybe 50 degrees and rainy one next and then blazing hot the next. Today the car told us its 90 degrees. Man, I always thought summer was my favorite season, but now I think I prefer winter.....gah! I'm going to die of the heat and June just barely started...

5. Decide now to go and not go home. No matter what.

Well, this week has been quite the learning experience. But I'm definitely the better for it. I know I've said it before but the mission is so hard. Not to dissuade anyone from going on a mission because it's also the single greatest thing that I've ever done and probably will ever do. And I know that it'll be something that affects my entire existence. I am so grateful for everything I've learned and everything I will learn because I served a mission. President Fenn has taught me so much, as well as each of my companions. And I know everything I'm learning is preparing me for something else. For which I am very grateful. Most recently, I learned that we are sanctified through suffering. It's not enough to be  righteous; we must be sanctified in the end. And the trials through which we pass are customized for each of us individually, in order to gain the most experience and knowledge we possibly can from this mortal life. Our loving Heavenly Father knows us personally and He won't give us something we can't handle, but we must face it head on in order to overcome. Much like a ship on the waves, we much face the headwind or capsize. It's our choice.

I love the Gospel, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to share it with everyone I see.

Love, Hermana DeBuck

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