Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 71: I Almost Didn't Send This Email

1- what kind of training did you have that you got to visit with Brother Howie from normal? He messaged me that he got to see you.
2- how is the training going for Hermana Albrechtsen?
3- when is the next transfer? Do you think you'll stay put?
4- are you still liking your mini iPad? Is your keyboard case working right?
5- how are your promising investigators progressing?

  1. We had new missionary training last week. The Elders that are in my first area are also a trainer-trainee companionship (the trainee was actually in Hermana Albrechtsen's MTC district) and Brother Albrechtsen had driven them up because he's just amazing like that. haha it was so good to talk to him and the Elders actually. I found out from my trainer a bit ago that someone we'd taught was baptized and when I asked the Elders about it they said they met with her on Monday and she told them she wanted to be baptized on Wednesday. So they made it happen. So cool! Man, I love that area. I may not have baptized anyone while I was there, but I feel that I've at least played a part in a few of the baptisms that have happened. I know I've made a difference in those people's lives and they sure have impacted mine.
  2. I think it's going well. She hardly even needs training, she's so great. And we can't believe it's almost over! This is the last week of the 12 Week program for us. We're pretty excited because we get to watch ALL of the district. Movie night! (Just kidding, it's totally for training purposes. But we still love it.)
  3. Next transfer is next week. We find out this Saturday what's going on. And yes, I think I'm stay. We're hoping and praying that we both stay actually. That would be the dream.
  4. Yeah, it's good. I admit, it's grown on me. It's super useful, especially for missionary work. Yesterday we had a member with us who just got back from his mission a few months ago and he's pretty jealous that we get to carry around our entire Area Book with us, everywhere we go. (The paper Area Books are like a two inch binder and they're SUPER heavy....)
  5. Oh man. They're amazing. Did I tell you they paid tithing last week? (I suspect it was supposed to be fast offerings, but they paid it all the same! There were some great testimonies on tithing and it really impacted them I think.) They're also getting married THIS SATURDAY. Oh man. I am SO excited. Wedding number three for this hermana. But this one will be a lot more low key (not put on by a Spanish branch, and put on for a very humble reserved couple.) It's going to be great. They'll be baptized the 30th of this month as well. They're excited. We're excited. The ward's excited. Everyone's excited. (: This area is amazing.

As far as news, I haven't got much. I'm nearing the end of my service as a full-time missionary, but I know there are many miracles to come. I've got some repenting to do *cough*journal*cough* but I know that "sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven". We washed and vacuumed our car today, even though it's about 15 degrees Fahrenheit (excluding windchill...). I think the guy manning the car wash thought we were crazy, but we are obedient and we will be blessed.

Oh there is this tidbit: we've been assigned Jose and Ida, my two investigators from Rochelle. Jose is taking a 6 week long class in Chicago Heights and Ida is staying with her daughter during the week while Jose is away and her daughter lives in Dekalb. So we're suddenly in charge of their teaching until further notice. It's kind of really confusing actually. But I'm excited. We're going to visit Ida tomorrow. They're also getting baptized the 30th of this month and need to get married before then. But at least both of our couples have marriage licenses so it's really not that's just coordinating everything. Man. I love this week. It's so rewarding.

It's been a great week of achieving our goals and I'm looking forward to reaching new heights. The vision truly has been raised by the Lord and I know He will qualify us as we submit our will to His. He is all-knowing and all-powerful, and through Him we truly can do all things--even miracles, if it so be His will for us and for those in our care. I know that this is the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. He lives, and He has not forsaken us. He has called a prophet on the earth today, who has the authority to say "Thus saith the Lord..." because he speaks with the Lord and literally knows the words of the Lord as He speaks today. Miracles have not ceased. The heavens are not sealed. I am a representative of Jesus Christ Himself, and as such I invite all to learn of the message of joy which I share and then to ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, if this message is not true. I testify that God answers the prayers of those who have a sincere heart, real intent, and faith in Christ. All people everywhere may gain a divine witness that the Book of Mormon is in fact another testament of Jesus Christ, that Joseph Smith is God's prophet of this dispensation, and that the Church that was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith is indeed the Church of Jesus Christ in these latter days. Will you put God to the test and ask Him for yourself if these things are not true?

Love, Hermana DeBuck


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