Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 19: The Best Thing About Not Being Transferred=Not Packing #everyonetellsme

5 Questions:
1) Who is you new companion?  Where is she from?  How are you two getting along?
2) How is the new apartment?  Was it the elders' before?  Was it really clean enough for girls to live in?
3) Do you have a new direct address (for me and Gma Cheryl)?
4) Do you still have all the same investigators?  More investigators (now that the other sisters are gone)?
5) (Apparently, I forgot to add a 5th question....)
Familia y Amigos,

1. My new companion is Hermana Grant. She's from British Colombia. We get along fanstasmically, to take a word from her vocabulary.
2. The new apartment: smells like elders. (Yes, it was the elders' before.) But it was actually pretty clean when we got here, however we moved furniture around so it makes more sense and vacuumed some places that looked like they hadn't been vacuumed since elders moved in to this apartment. So the up side is that we're about a three minute drive from the church (as opposed to 15 minutes) but the down side is that we have one bathroom and we have to pay for our laundry now. But it's all good. It's been kinda funny because Hermana Grant will ask what we usually do for something, and I have no answer because I've been in this apartment as long as she has. But it's good.
3. Yes, new address is 1616 Bryan St Apartment A Normal IL. I'm not sure where the commas go in that address.
4. We still have the same investigators, yes. All the sisters' investigators just went to the elders who took their spot. The zone leaders adopted all of the Normal south elders' investigators because that's the area that was pulled out.
5. There was no question after the number five, so I have no answer.

Alright. I really don't want to type today. Sorry. But this will probably be a less than satisfactory email for you, momma.

We had three days when we weren't allowed to tract or do first contact, so that was a little rough. But it worked out alright I guess. Unfortunately we were unable to meet with Julia this week (gah!) nor with Kehila & Carlos. 
Saturday was awesome though because we had six appointments, and only one fell through--then we taught a lady on her doorstep during that appointment time--so we had six lessons in one day. Three were technically member present lessons, but one was with a man who says he was baptized in Texas (so it counts as a recent convert/less active lesson). But yeah. Saturday was awesome.
We taught Jorge in a members' home, the Guyer family's, and it was amazing. Brother Guyer and Jorge just hit it off and had a good time--and we set up a time this week to do that again. Members really are so critical for the work of salvation. In one of the wards yesterday, one of the high councilmen spoke and he said this: "We cannot delegate to full-time missionaries our responsibility [as members] to share the Gospel." So there you have it. He also talked about how in Handbook 2, section 5 includes missionary work, temple work, and family history work. That section is entitled "The Work of Salvation." And I believe we need to be involved in every aspect of that work. Yes, it's hard to put yourself out there, on the chance of personal rejection, and share the Gospel, but it's your duty as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ. So get your rear in gear and get going! haha

Angelina came to church again yesterday. She is seriously an angel, no joke. We also had a lesson with her and Jimmy on Saturday night about the Gospel of Jesus Christ--basically we had two lessons. I taught Jimmy in English while Hna Grant taught Angelina in Spanish. It's seriously like the weirdest situation of all time. But it was good. Jimmy told us that those six steps of repentance it talks about in the pamphlet are almost exactly the same as six of the twelve steps for alcoholics anonymous. So that's cool. We'll be visiting them again tonight, with Angelina's two daughters. 

I'm already learning so much from Hermana Grant. I love how straight forward she is; for example, she'll ask people, "Are you planning on being baptized in the Church?" And you can actually learn a lot from how they respond. So it's great because we are sent out to teach the elect, and we don't want to waste our time, not the time of the Lord. So if they say no, straight up, well: dropped. haha I mean, of course we consider each person before dropping them, but if they're not ready right now, they're not ready. And that's that sometimes.

I honestly just can't get over how amazing the wards are here. We were able to sit in on Bloomington 2nd's ward council yesterday; Bishop Eames is awesome! Man. I can't even describe it to you, but the wards in Bloomington-Normal are just fantastic. I'm so excited to work with our new ward mission leader in Bloomington 1st; and then Brother and Sister Rodas were just called as ward missionaries in B2, but they're going to work with us across the ward boundaries; and Normal is way better than normal--they're extraordinary. I just love it here.

I'm already beginning to resign myself to the fact that this is probably my last six weeks here though. Hermana Grant only has two transfers left (including this one we just started) so it's almost a for sure thing that I'll get taken out next week. I'm gonna be real sad to go, so I better give it my all these last few weeks--already down to five! Santa vaca...

Something funny from this week: we were talking about what hell actually is--spirit prison the spirit world or the telestial kingdom or outer darkness or what--and regarding outer darkness, Hermana Grant says: "I think that's the helliest of hells."

Well, that's about all I can think of...Sorry.

Love you all. Keep sharing the Gospel--directly AND indirectly. I know you will be blessed as you make it a priority to share this wonderful gift you've been given.

Con Todo Mi Amor,
Hermana DeBuck

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