Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 20: Swallowing Our Pride & Asking

5 Questions:
1) How is your skin holding up in the weather?  Lots of breakouts?  Super dry?  Do you need anything either way--acne stuff or moisturizer?    Mine's been bad here, so I wondered about you.
2) What is the decision on winter boots?  Any preferences where you'd like me to get them?
3) Do you know where to find Borax?  Look in the laundry aisle at the grocery store/WalMart. If you can't find it, I'll send you some. (She'd asked for a super whitening solution--something she pinned on Pinterest pre-mission)
4) Do you ever hear from Super Kate?  She's been on my mind lately, and I don't know why.  I do hope she is well and happy and progressing in school, even while you're away.
5) Do you check your mailbox regularly at the apartment?  I have a postcard I was sending you there,so you'll get mail at your place.

1. My hands are pretty chapped, which is rough because I detest having lotion on my fingers....but it's either chapped skin or slimy fingers. Which is the lesser of the two evils? I don't know.
Acne wise it's about the same....I dunno. I don't really pay that much attention because I look in the mirror about twice a day for about 30 seconds collectively. There's not a whole lot to be done during the day, obviously. haha so I'm doing fine. Thanks though.

2. Well, originally I thought, "Oh we've got a car all the time so I'll be okay w/o real boots." But then I realized that I'm pretty sure I'll be transferred next transfer. And who knows what the car situation will be wherever I go some boots would be great. And I have absolutely no idea where you could find good winter boots. I wish I could give you more specifics but I'm not even sure how to put "what I don't like" into words....but I think it'll be more important to stay dry and warm than to look particularly fashionable. haha so, use your best judgment I guess.

3. Uh...I'll find it. I was actually thinking of the recipe for a mixture of some kind that you just put on the white article and then scrub...I would rather not use the washing machine because it costs $1.25 per load (in this new apartment we don't have our own washer...) I believe I wrote the recipe down and it was on a blue sticky note in my room by the windowsill or it's written in the back of that book I got about surviving w/o mom or something....I can't remember exactly what it's called. If you can't find the recipe thing, no worries. Just thought I'd ask.

4. Yeah she emails me about every week. I think she's doing alright...possibly going crazy from school and canoe and life, but I think she's doing well, all things considered.

5. the other apartment we did. At this one, we forget a lot because the mail box is in the complete opposite direction of anything else, so we just don't think about it.
Wow. I'm sorry but I am so unmotivated to write this week.
Here's a bulleted list I guess:

- Brother Albrechtsen gave me a blessing this week; I just had a cold (still do) but I just felt like it was impeding me mentally and I couldn't take it anymore. [I told him my middle name, and after the blessing a bit he said I should marry Elder Peery...very funny]

- Hermana Grant got an ear infection/has a hole in her ear drum so we ended up at PromptCare yesterday and we ended up seeing Dr. Csah/Brother Cash so that was kind of nice. She also got a blessing from Brother A.

- Basically, the elders are always at the we've gotten good at finding McDonalds and the two libraries in town so that we can use the WiFi. We also use Brother Ames' (when we're at his home for MCM) and the other Albrechtsen family's--we actually finished up our weekly planning at their home b/c the elders were once again at the church. haha we're so needy...

- We had this crazy lesson Saturday night: three Hispanics that spoke minimal English, a Vietnamese guy and an American guy who speak minimal Spanish. Oh man. It was complete and utter chaos. more than other lessons. Why, you may ask? Well: our progressing investigator, Angelina, is an angel and also wants to share the Gospel with everyone. Which is great. however, her two Latina friends were over already when we stopped by; the one believes in some kind of all-powerful entity and her ancestors (I'm not exactly sure how that works) and then the other lady basically believes she has the priesthood (she didn't really understand the priesthood at all...) and that she has healed a woman who as practically dead and that she's seen Christ. And then the Vietnamese guy is Buddhist and neither of us have taught someone with a non-Christian background. And the American guy is pretty super Roman Catholic but very willing to listen and has a lot of great questions. So, basically: chaos, I tell you. We've decided we really just need to teach people one on one, because this translating business is way too difficult for them to understand.....I would try to sum up that lesson but i can't. let's just say it ended with the two Latina ladies both asking for copies of the Book of Mormon (the one asked for one in English for her husband because she's already got a Spanish one from a really good friend in Texas who is Mormon.) and the other lady...I hope she doesn't desecrate it or something.
- We have dinner appointments every day this week. Wow. The members here are so good to us... (: love them.
- We inherited a giant winter coat. So we both got in it. (:

- We love fast food. it's bad.....

And then this week:
- Zone conference on Wednesday. Woohoo!
- Our dinner appt for tonight told us they invited a non member friend (and they told her that we'll be there so she won't be surprised). Member missionary work!
- One of our investigators, Jorge, has roommates that don't really like us being there so we had to find an alternate meeting place; luckily there's a super solid couple that lives nearby (just had an adorable baby) and we've been having lessons at their home. Brother Guyer and Jorge hit it off super well. Mm, love it when that happens. THAT is an Amulek.
- There are probably other good things but I can't think right now...
So yeah. That's gonna be it for this week. I hope everyone is doing well and looking for opportunities to share the Gospel. Because it's your duty as members of Christ's church. (I am definitely not trying to guilt trip anyone...haha) 
Love you all!
-Todo Mi Amor,
Hermana DeBuck

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