Thursday, February 19, 2015

Week 24: The 2nd Great Commandment: Love Your Próximo

5 Questions:
1) Did the packages get to you?
2) Were you transferred this week then?
3) Did you get a new companion?  If yes, please give details.
4) Did the members treat you to dinner for Valentine's Day?
5) Is it getting any warmer there?  It is crazy warm here.  I'm worried about water in the summer...I hope we have enough in the reservoirs to make it through.  The mountains look like it should be May, not February.

1. I got the boots--my toes have never been warmer--but not the other one. I'm guessing it'll probably get brought/sent down tomorrow for transfers. Thanks in advance!
2. Well, I'll get to this in a moment.
3. Yes. Once again, all shall be revealed with time...
4. Nope.
5. No, no, definitely not. (Name that movie.) It's still freezing. Somedays, I think I may just die. [that is a slight exaggeration, just so you know; I don't want you to worry too much.]

Alright. So in district meeting this week, we were talking about finishing strong (or something to that effect) and Elder Bise asked if anyone had done cross country running--one raised his hand. Anyway,
the point was the strategy when you run for long distances. Elder Rowley said the average person can run 3 more miles than they think they can; you just have to get over that awkward stage and push
through it.

Well, I am here to tell you that that is TRUE! I have officially made it three days longer than I thought I could with just one P-day. Just in case ya'll were wondering.

Now, as for transfers: let me tell you a story....
It's Valentine's Day in the year of our Lord two thousand and fifteen, and the dynamic duo of Hermana Grant & Hermana DeBuck are in for the evening, fulfilling their hour of language study during the less productive hour of eight o' clock to nine in the evening. Suddenly, the dread phone rings. The caller ID reads "AP Elder 2". It is the moment we've been anticipating: transfer calls. We pick up and exchange courtesies, then get down to business--to defeat the huns.

Elder Blackner asks us what we think is going to happen to us. We reply, "Well, we're pretty sure Hermana DeBuck is leaving, but we're hoping we get put in a trio so we can stay together."

A brief pause and then, "What would you say if I told you neither of those things was happening?"

"We would be very surprised." *awkward laughter*

"Then prepared to be surprised because, Hermana Grant, you're going to Wheaton!"

All is still for two heartbeats and then a faint "what" escapes her throat. A stupor of thought prevails in the mind of Hermana DeBuck as she struggles to comprehend the significance of what she has just

Then, again, Elder Blackner's voice: "Hermana Grant, your companion will be Hermana Lopez, where you'll be an Hermana Training Leader."

This time, a much louder "what" manages to make its way out of Hermana Grant's voice box. And the reality of what is happening settles firmly on the companionship. Logistics are discussed and information exchanged, through which Elder Blackner finds out that Hermana Grant actually only has one transfer more--the same as Hermana Lopez. Elder Blackner tells the Hermanas he'll check with President (who would have made this call but had other "pressing matters" to attend to...) and then get back to us.

26 agonizing minutes later, the phone once again rings aloud.

Elder Blackner says, "Change of plans: Hermana Grant, you'll still be an Hermana Training Leader, but you'll be going to Arlington Heights to be with Hermana Sewell, who still has another transfer after you."

In the end, this is what's happening:
-- Hermana Grant is going back to Arlington Heights where she will be an Hermana Training Leader; fortunately, this is the set of HTLs our area is assigned to, so she and Hermana Sewell (who was just here last week) will be back here this transfer for exchanges.

-- I will be staying in my lovely home of Bloomington-Normal for at least another six weeks. My new companion's name is Hermana Araujo.  However, I know next to nothing about her, save only that she's a latina, so I imagine my espanol skills will sky rocket. (: I'll give you more information when I have it.

Also, the next P-day is in 4 days, so I am just not motivated at all to write anything else. Sorry. I still love you. And I still know this Gospel is true.

Con Todo Mi Amor, Tu Hija y Amiga, Hermana DeBuck

Here is her district...looks like a fun crowd!

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