Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 22: The Margins Are Weird and It Bothers Me, But I'm Lazy

5 Questions: 
1) About the boots, when I went to order the shorter, more traction boots--they didn't have then in a size 8.  How about these?  Will these work?  If you like them, I'll order then Monday. (Kamik Women's Vienna2 Boot)
2) If I am putting a little box together for you is there anything you would like me to include?  You haven't mentioned anything, really, so if you don't. you are at my mercy to send tings I think you 'll like.  Just saying.
3) How are your investigators progressing?
4) Do you even know why the ward has "trust issues" with the missionaries?  That is so weird to me.
5) Do you hear from anyone regularly besides me and Dad?  Just curious.

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