Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 30: ì¿ Cuál Es Tu Pedo?!

5 Questions--
1) What was your transfer situation?  I got the feeling in your last letter you might be leaving Normal.  What happened?
2) What do you do as missionaries over General Conference Weekend?  I would guess it is a different schedule for you.
3) Did you get to watch/listen to the Women's session?
4) Have you had any tornado warnings out there yet?  What do you do in case of one?  Is there an emergency plan for your area?
5) Did the box get there?

1. Well so we knew Hermana Araujo would be going home, for obvious reasons, but then transfer calls happened and I'm leaving too. (More on me later) As for Bloomington-Normal, there will now be Spanish Elders in the area, and it is exactly what this area needs. So it's good. Of course I'm sad but I know this is not only what the area needs, but what I need too. I trust President Fenn and know he is inspired.

2. We get to watch least as far as I know. It also means 4 times the possibility of getting someone to church! So we're pretty stoked about that. (:

3. Yes! Oh, it was so good. I loved all of the talks....especially Sister Oscarson's. I think hers was my favorite.

4. Nope. Every first Tuesday of the month the alarm goes off though. Just as a practice. Kinda scared me the first time. But now I don't even notice. I do wonder what happens if there's a tornado the first
Tuesday of the month would people know it's actually happening? [I suppose they could just look out their window...]

5. Nope. But being in Peoria (maybe other places too, I dunno) the only opportunity we have to get packages is zone trainings/conferences or meetings up in Naperville. So I'll probably get it tomorrow.

So here's what's going on with me:
I'm going to Bloomingdale! haha I am going to be so confused for the longest time, and probably call the town Bloomington for ever. haha but anyway. Here's what I know: it's a Spanish branch and my new companion is Hermana Hunsaker. We'll be co-senior companions. If I'm not mistaken, she was originally called to Peru but due to sickness/injury was reassigned here. She also has the voice of an
angel, so comp stud should be thrilling.

I'm terribly upset the Hermana Araujo is leaving, but I guess that's what happens: you die.

But hey, parents: Hermana Araujo will be in Utah for General Conference so you can meet her too! Also, she's taking my winter stuff home so....hopefully you can get that from her this weekend. I'm gonna give her your number(s) so she can get in contact with you. Okay? haha I hope so b/c that's what is happening.

I can't think of a whole ton to say so that's about it.

This week was pretty dang awesome--dare I say the best of my mission so far? But, that's all I have to say... (:

More next week!
Love, Hermana DeBuck

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