Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 53: "After Their Missions, our Elders and Our Hermanas Will Get Married and Make Mormon Babies," Said a Recent Convert

5 Questions:
1) So, did you finally get the little bubble envelope gifts?
2)  Did the package of new garments get to you yet from the Distribution center?
3)  Any new investigators?
4) Did this past week go better for you than the week before?  You sounded a little down, but were plowing through anyway.
5) What did you do for Labor Day?  Was it a regular day, just switched for P Day?

1. Yes, thank you! I loved them.

2. Yes, got them a week or two ago. The bottoms are still a bit tight but they're good. The tops on the other hand feel a bit too big, but they're okay too. haha we just can't win

3.  Yes! I'll tell you about them in a moment...

4. Yes, this week was a lot better. I think I'd just kind of psyched myself into a weird emotional state, but now I'm okay.

5. Yes, yesterday was just a regular proselyting day for us. The idea is that because it's a holiday more people will be at home. So all (?) Monday holidays get switched with Tuesday for P-day, at least in our mission. Sounds like it's not a States mission thing, like I thought. But hey, that's the revelation our president has received so that's what we do.

Yesterday was a bit rough because we basically were in the sun ALL day, and boy was it hot. But at 6:30 we had an appt with a couple--we'd made the appt last week, so in all honesty I was a bit skeptical of them actually being there--but they were waiting for us on the dot! They told us they'd turned down other things to do because they knew they'd made the appt with us. Oh man. And they are amazing! Their names are Dolores and Porfilio Aregueta. They had a ton of questions. But, thanks to what we've learned from past companions, we were able to take control of the conversation and  actually teach them! And even though they still have questions, they committed to read and ask God if it's true. They also basically told us that we were telling them that their church actually is NOT the church Christ left behind. But because the Spirit was there, and we just told them to ask God if what we say is true, we left on a good note and I don't think anyone's feelings were hurt. It was an awesome experience. I love them so much.  Plus, they were hysterical! And, Dolores told us that next week when we come, she's going to feed us too. I love Latinos...so much. They are amazing people.

Well, we had a zone activity today so I didn't have a lot of time to write. But know that I am well and I love being here in Rochelle. We are working with some truly amazing people and I know that we will see miracles. I know that Jesus Christ in all reality did heal the blind and the lame; He raised the dead and forgave sins. Why not in our days? God is the same yesterday today and forever, and I know that the heavens are not sealed and miracles have not ceased. I love the gospel. I know it's true. And the Book of Mormon is evidence that God loves all his children--no matter where, no matter when.

Con Todo Mi Amor,
Hermana DeBuck

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