Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 54: It's Rosh Hashanah!

5 Questions:
1)    Dad forwarded me the mission newsletter.  What do you think of the "Fit for the Kingdom" challenge?  Are the new Mission President and wife big time health food/exercise fans?
2)    Are you going to do the challenge?
3)    Do you have much interaction with Sister Griffin?
4)    Did you get your flu shot yet?
5)    Do you need me to put money in your account?

1. Well, I honestly haven't read it yet so I'm not sure about the newsletter.... And I don't know if our mission president and Sister Griffin are health/exercise fans.... I think they may just be concerned that we haven't been paying enough attention to our health and so we suffer a bit. I don't know though.  This is just me pulling something out of the air for an answer...haha

2. Maybe... I won't commit to anything just now, but I would think yes. No promises though.

3. Sort of. She LOVES going out with the missionaries, but it's a bit harder because we're farther away from her. When we have zone meetings/conferences, she'll usually go out with a set of sisters while President does his president stuff. She was going to go out with us last time, but it just didn't work out because of timing and whatnot. So I think the next zone meeting we have, she'll probably go out with us. But we'll see. She's super cute and awesome. Plus, she speaks Spanish. What more could  we want?

4. No.....(do I have to?)

5. No I'm okay. I'm trying to not spend money. I got some cash from Grandma for my birthday so I'll use that if I need to. But I don't think I'll need to spend any money. I'm trying to avoid acquiring more STUFF. Because I just don't need more stuff... But thanks for the offer.

Well, this week was another week of work. I honestly can't remember anything that happened.... but it was good. It is transfer week and somehow all four of the missionaries in our branch are staying. So that's cool.

Our recent convert told us her sister and dad are going to be moving to Rochelle--and her son, who just turned eight, wants to be baptized! So that's gonna be awesome. We'll also be working with her sister because she sounds like she may be interested as well. Her dad is also interested but apparently the only person that he wants to talk to is Brother Sampson, one of the members here. So, the Elders and Brother Sampson will be working with him. But, that'll be awesome. We're thinking we may be able to have a big family baptism! Which would be the coolest thing ever. (:

We're still working, slowly but surely, with our investigators. One hermana almost accepted a  baptismal date last week. She's so close.   She just needs to come to church to feel the Spirit here. Our other investigator who is really close spent the last week in El Salvador so hopefully we'll be meeting with him soon, and get him progressing toward the celestial kingdom and eternal life as well.

The highlight of this week was a short moment, and it was spent on the door of a woman who doesn't believe she has need for another book of scripture. I had the opportunity to testify of the Book of   Mormon and the love of our Heavenly Father in giving it to us, and in speaking to the people who wrote that inspired book. I looked her in the eyes and as prompted by the Spirit, I told her that one day she will have need for more, and she will remember our words. I know that I spoke truth because I felt the Holy Ghost testify to me, powerfully, that what I said was true. And I know she felt it, even if she denied any such feeling. I walked away from that door knowing that I had done by part and Heavenly Father was pleased with our work.

Sorry this week is short, but we have to end our P-day a bit early because we have a dinner appt at 5 in another town.

But know this: I know that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ. After His death and resurrection, His apostles continued the work that He'd left them to do, but even they were eventually rejected and killed. The priesthood authority that Christ had given to them was lost from the earth because no one  possessed it. Until a young man named Joseph Smith was called as a prophet, just as Enoch, Noah, Moses and Abraham before, to restore the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth. The priesthood authority was given to man once again, in order to perform the ordinances of salvation for the children of men. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet and I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I also know that everyone we talk with about the Prophet and the Book of Mormon will feel the Holy Spirit of God, because He testifies of truth. And then it's up to them if they will accept or reject the truth. If they choose to reject it in that moment, I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that one day they will remember our words and they will remember how they felt, and they will know that we spoke truth, in it's most pure and untarnished form. And then they too will know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, and that the Book of Mormon is God's tool in these latter days to gather scattered Israel.

What a glorious work we are involved in. I feel privileged to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ. I have made promises with God Himself that I will carry the Gospel to the world. And I have every intention of fulfilling those promises for the rest of my life. Do you?

Love, Hermana DeBuck

1. The ladies at the museum. It's always such a blast talking with them and listening to their conversation while we alphabetize obituaries. (: (from left to right: Mary, Judy, Hna Henricksen, Kathy, me)

2. Us and Darla again. I actually do not have an arm growing out of my head, and no, that is not a comfortable position. But she pulled my head down and my arm got stuck and this is how it turned out...but hey. She's awesome.

PS--I forgot to tell you and maybe you already know, but Elder Golling (mom note: this a young man that used to live on our stake) is serving in one of my first wards down in Peoria! So that's pretty cool. He's actually in the ward that my converts are yeah. Just thought I'd tell you that. I didn't know if you knew or not. Love you!

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