Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 61: It'll Take A Bull to Get Me In a Fight, But It'll Take a Herd To Get Me Out

5 Questions:
1) How soon are the baptisms you've got scheduled?
2) Do you have a minute that you could write a note to Sister Brytni Butler? 
3) How are things going with your companion?
4) Do you hear from your brother? I can't tell you what it means to me that you two are helping each other, separate from me & dad.
5) Any suggestions for Christmas gifts? Some requests have already been asked.

  1. We have two for 28 November. Their names are Jose and Ida--they're a couple. And we have one for 5 December. Her name is Gloria.
  2. Yes, I will/did.
  3. So well that we're basically the same person....not even joking. The other day we were reciting our mission statement and we both yawned in the middle--at the exact same time. And then we were giggling/laughing and we barely made it through the rest. haha it's a really good companionship. We're planning on Hermana Henricksen killing me so that'll be great. haha
  4. Yes, off and on. If I write him he usually responds. I try to write weekly but sometimes it doesn't happen. AT least every two weeks though. He's doing alright.
  5. Uh, ask me next week..

Well, this week was good, if crazy. I can't say why but just know that I'm doing well and we are working hard here in Rochelle. I truly do love it here. I think I'd like to die here (Alma 17:23).

The Gospel is true and it truly blesses lives more than anything else. What we do as missionaries is invite all to bring the truths they already treasure and see if we cannot add more. I know we can and we will, because this is the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the Church of Jesus Christ, and He is at its head. He directs His Church through His prophet Thomas S. Monson today, and He restored His Church through the prophet Joseph Smith in the year 1830, bringing back precious truths that had been lost after His death and the death of His apostles. The Book of Mormon is literally another testament of Jesus Christ and will bring a man closer to God than any other means will. I know all of this is true because I prayed and asked God if it was. And He told me, by the power of the Holy Ghost, that it is. No one can take that knowledge away from me, and only God can give it. I invite you all to ask, either for the first time or the hundredth time, if God still speaks to His children through a prophet on the earth today, and then listen.

Love, Hermana DeBuck

1. One of the many finely dressed geese in Illinois, for your enjoyment.

2-3. Found some clothes in a closet in our house and so I tried some on... (: (Some things just never change...)

Bonus photo was sent by the Bishop's wife (their landlord) after the girls had haircuts and ice cream with her today for P-Day:

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