Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week 68: Fotos

Mom note: We never heard from Hermana Jill on Monday before Christmas.  Worried something was wrong with the internet connection at my parents' place I called the mission office in a (tiny) panic about our directions on Christmas day.  The next day, this is what I received.

Okay sorry I forgot to tell you that our Pday changed. So we will be calling at 4:00 pm our time. I got a message from Elder Murchison telling me a number to call. I think it must be the house number. So am I supposed to call or Skype? I guess if it comes down to it, I can call and then figure it out. Anyway. I think that's about it. Love you! Talk to you soon.

  1-2. After planning, the day Hermana Albrechtsen's mom sent her reindeer antlers.

  3. After planning, on exchanges with Hermana Lunt. Maybe you've noticed, but this is what nightly planning will do to you...or at least to me.

4. Zone Christmas party yesterday. We were visited by the three kings, who handed out our Christmas packages. This is all the Hermanas/sisters in the two Rockford zones.

5. After exchanges. Hermana Albrechtsen, due to some unfortunate circumstances, was basically blind (no contacts) so she wasn't sure where to look.

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